No. 1 – Preface

1. Preface to the Arduino tutorials
These tutorials are meant to be an entry to the Arduino basis. Beginners should get an
interesting lead-in the world of Arduino. Our tutorials are all based on practical tasks with
theoretical introductions at the beginning. We really recommend to read the theoretical part
to successfully complete the practical tasks.

These tutorials were created in the context of a teaching unit. They can be used for free to
learn about Arduino, but it’s not allowed to copy and use the tutorials without any permission.
These tutorials have been created carefully and are continuously maintained, however we can’t give any warranty about the accuracy and completeness of the tutorials.

For the practical tasks you’ll need some technical equipment. On our website you can buy especially customized Funduino kits for our tutorials.

What is actually Arduino?

Arduino is an Open-source-electronic-prototyping-base for simple used hardware and software
in the field of microcontrolling. It is suitable to realize fascinating projects in a short time.
Many of them can be found on Youtube under „Arduino“. It is mostly used by artists, designer or tinkers to realize creative ideas.

But Arduino is also increasingly used by universities and schools to teach an interesting and
simple beginning to the world of microcontrolling.